Telescope facts


Appear-to come into sight, visible. Lenses-transparent substances. Optical-assist sight or correct defects in vision.Vision-act or power of sensing with eyes/ sight.Sight-act, fact, or instance of seeing.Visible-can be seen.transparent-admitting the passage of light through interstices.interstices-a small or narrow space or interval between things or parts.interval-a space between things, points, or limits. interspace. interspace-a space between things.
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If you go to an observatory then you will get to use the giant telescope that an observatory has. A telescope is a magnifying glass used for discovering everything in space. Telescopes is what came to the discovery of our solar system. Without telescopes people would keep thinking that everything in our solar system orbits earth.

The first telescope was invented by Galileo Galilee. The first person to think of the telescope was Hans Lippershey. Galileo was executed for his discovery of the earth orbiting the sun. Hans Lippershey did not have the parts to build the telescope but a few years later Galileo was able to build one.

We now know that Pluto is a planet because of telescopes and NASA. We know how many planets that there are because of telescopes. We now know what the dark spots on the moon are because of telescopes. We know how many rings Saturn has.

An observatory shows you what is in our solar system. It is what we use to discover everything in space. Telescopes are what the people in the church of Italy didn't want. Galileo was executed just because he discovered that the sun is in the center of our solar system.

Hans Lippershey thought of the telescope but never was able to make it. He was alive a few years before Galileo Galilee. He did invent it but Hans never got to build it. Now we know that earth is not in the center of the universe and the sun isn't either, it is just in the center of our solar system.

Now wouldn't you want to go to an observatory and discover different stars. Maybe discover other planets or solar systems if you are lucky. Observatory's are full of surprises and discovery's. I hope to see you there.

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