Fiddler on the Roof Update

January 29th

Lots of Progress, Lots to Do!

The whole show is blocked!!! And we only have one segment of To Life left to choreograph....Not too shabby!!! You'll see some videos below; I also e-mailed individuals videos of the smaller group scenes we filmed today.

Now it is the time for making it clean. Here's how we can make our show the best possible:

  • Know your lines. Keep practicing them.
  • Look alive, active, engaged and involved in each and every scene.
  • Show us those big smiles when singing! We want to see teeth!
  • Review the movies to see what you can do to improve.
  • Check dance movements with dance captains if you need refreshers.
  • Project your voice! Loud and proud!

Remember to keep bringing in props. We still need some old suitcases, old brooms and old fashioned baskets.

Below you will find videos of recent Dream Scene and Tradition runthroughs. It's a work in progress...we are in the middle. Keep journeying on!

Also, I have include a video of some JOYFUL impromptu singing and piano playing (Thanks, Ally!) from today's rehearsal. Enjoy!

Good Times!

The Most Up-to-date Calendar

Tradition Rehearsal

Prologue Rehearsal

Dream Scene Rehearsal: Make sure you practice your singing, folks!

Dream scene part 1
Dream scene part 2

Now for just a little bit of fun...

Joy before rehearsal