A film Review

The Mortal Instrumets: City of Bones

The Mortal Instrumets: Ctity of Bones is an action adventure, cience and fantasy film. At Pandemoniun, the trendiest night club in New York, Clary follows an attractive guy blue-haired and sees death at the hands of three young covered with strange tattos. Since that night,a girls discovers that she is a shadowhunter and dedicates her life to free the land of demons. There is romance, action, drama,mistery, adventure and fantasy. The main characters are Clary, Jace, Eric, Simon, and Isabelle. Lily Collins plays Clary Fray, Jaime Campbell Bower plays Jace Wayland, Robert Sheehan plays Simon Lewis. Kevin Zegers plays Eric Lithwood and Jemina West plays Isabelle Lithwood. Harald Zwart directed of the film. Attli Orvasson played the music.

The story was interesting, the actors were great, the costumes were very good, the special effects were amazing, the music was very good and the ending was surprising. We recomened this film because the story was very amazing and interesting.

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