Alive, or Not?!

Did Elvis truly died on August 17, 1977?

Elvis Presley was found unconscious on his bathroom floor in his home in Memphis, Tennessee late at night on August 16, 1977. According to Molly Ivins, Elvis Presley died due to cardiac arrhythmia (Elvis Presley Dies:Rock Singer was 42). Presley was taken to the hospital, where he died; Dr. Jerry Fransisco conducted a 2 hour body examination and autopsy. The final results were not revealed to the public; but the family has suggested a revealing on the 50th anniversary of his death. However, Dr. Fransisco did reveal that there was evidence of of a coronary artery disease, and a history of mild hypertension; but the causes are unknown (Elvis Presley Dies:Rock Singer was 42). Ivins does not state any other theories, since the article was published a day after his death

First Sighting after "Death"?!

It has been told that Elvis was sighted at an airport in Memphis buying an international ticket, shortly after he was declared dead. However, according to Patrick Lacy, no international tickets were sold at Memphis airport in August on 1977(" There's No Debate: Elvis is Not Alive").

My Opinion

I strongly believe that Elvis died on August 17, 1977. He had a history of drug use, and was never considered to be a "good" role model in society. I honestly do not think that anyone would go through that much trouble to fake a death, and the conspiracies that Elvis is still alive, have no evidence. Sightings are definitely not good evidence, because they are most likely impersonators and look alike's. For those who believe Elvis is alive, they are just fans who are not ready to give up on Elvis.


Elvis Presley: January 8, 1935- August 17, 1977