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What word describes your ideal learning environment?

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Why Create Collaborative Learning Spaces?

  • Education environment hasn't changed, yet "real world" has
  • "Cells & Bells" environment prepares for 1950's jobs
  • Move from "teacher-centered" to "student-centered"
  • What does your classroom space say to your students?

How Do You Find The Space?

  • Consider unused/misused space around your campus
  • Storage closets, hallways, outdoor spaces
  • Clean out ~ Clear out ~ Remake your space!
  • What materials do you already have that that can innovate the way you work?
  • You as the teacher do less and have the students create the space and own it.
  • Design a Space contest!

Curtis Elementary Library Journey

MakerSpace Steering Committee

The Collaboration Station Vision

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What Will You Do?

  • Choose two places on your campus/in your classroom.
  • How can you revamp that space?
  • Add pictures/ideas to Google Slide below

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Little girl channels Aretha Franklin in adorably sassy performance of 'Respect'

Racheal Rife

Former Principal of Curtis Elementary

Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Weatherford ISD

Erin Griffith

2015- 2016 Brock ISD Elementary Principal, PCTX Organizer, Ed Blogger, 2013 Region 11 Secondary Teacher of the Year, BLC Presenter #Gueri11aEd