Congress at Work:


What we are capable of:

Our powers are stated, or implied in the Constitution Article I Section 8. One of our main purpose is to create bills, that can become laws, if passed by the president or challenge the presidents veto and get a 2/3rds vote to override the veto. Additionally, we have power over the military, can declare war, impeachments, and deal with foreign commerce.

Our limitations to our power:

To keep our country's government stable, their are some restrictions that keep us from taking more and more power. We are not to make an unconstitutional law, and unless there is a 2/3rds vote against a veto of a bill, the bill will won't proceed to become a law.

"First Part of the Government"

Implied Powers:

Support public school systems and welfare programs due to the ability to lay and collect taxes. Prohibit discrimination in public areas from the power in commerce. Additionally, we can establish a maximum number of immigrants that come into the country.