Making Cribs and beds safety

Keep children safe, when they are sleeping!!!!!

Making Cribs safe

-Making the cribs safe where baby's will not fall off.

-Reduce of sudden infant death.

-Prevent suffocation you should put baby's on there back.

-Make sure there is no soft bedding.

- Never put, a crib near a furnace

-Never use strings to hang up things.

- Always lock the slide door.

-If your child is 35 inches it is time for a actual bed.

-Don't use plastic bags for a mattress cover.

- Check all hardware, tighten nuts and bolts before bed.

-Secure bumper pads around the crib and tie in place.

Make sure your baby is safe!

What should you do if they are sick and they are in bed

You always want to make sure your child is safe when sleeping. Anything can happen. You should Always check up on them! Try to keep there bedroom 70-74 degrees, so they wont get a fever. If your child is going to bed and does not feel good wait for 30 minutes if they have eaten to check on their temperature. Check on your baby every 2 to 3 hours. Make sure they get 9- 10 hours a sleep.