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Culture Expressions & Modern Society

Content Area

Standard: 7.C.1.2: Explain how cultural expressions (e.g. art, literature, architecture and music) influence modern society.

Theme: Cultural Expressions- Students will be learning about the four main cultural expressions and will be able to understand how each of these influences modern society.

"The Color of Home"

This book is a picture book that describes the journey of a first grader name Hassan in his first few days at school. Hassan has just moved to the United States because his family was forced to flee from Somalia. Hassan is missing the colorful landscape of his home in Africa. With the help of his parents, teacher, and a school art project, Hassan finds that by painting a picture of his old home and sharing his story, his homesickness lessens. Hassan discovers that there are many things about his new home in America that he likes. This book is an easy read and would allow students to understand the content and has a personal activity attached to it that students would be able to relate to. Art allows people from different cultures and different backgrounds to connect with each other through images, which is why this book would tie in perfectly to my standard.

Music Around the World

This article is a news article from the Huffington Post. It is a great reference to use during my lesson on cultural expressions and modern society. This article touches on a different expression from my last resource, which is music. The article provides a short synopsis of how certain music is tied into a culture. There is a video attached to the article in which you can access right on the page. The video shows 10 musical types around the world. This short article touches on both important points in my objective- music (as a cultural expression) and it’s influence on modern society. Students need to gain knowledge from a variety of resources, and this is something different other than a website or textbook that students can listen to firsthand.

What is Culture?

This YouTube video is a short video that includes music in the background and displays quotes about cultural expressions. This video would tie into my lesson well during the teacher input, because students need to understand the basis for culture and review this concept before moving onto cultural expressions. In the video, cultural expressions that we are focusing on during this lesson are presented, but it mainly reviews what “culture means”. I know that some students are auditory and visual learners, so this will appeal to students who like to see and hear what is being presented in the video. We would then talk about what stuck out to them in the video, and continue on into our lesson regarding the standard.
What is Culture?

Sahar partners with schools across the U.S.

This picture really stuck out to me when I was trying to choose a visual for this standard. This picture depicts a cross-culture school exchange between American and Afghan girls. Teachers would be able to relate this picture to this lesson through explaining to students that this visual shows how cultural expressions are being used in order to empower communities in the developing world and build global bridges of understanding and friendship.This picture would bring forth an interactive activity in which students are working together to come up with their own idea of a way that one cultural expression that we have learned could be used during modern society today. That way, students are applying what they have previously learned and working in groups to learn from one another
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