They Are Lying.

What are the advertisers not telling you?

Your Life Will Be Amazing

This line is the pretext to every advertisement. Every commercial is trying to sell their item, and they try to sell it by convincing you that their product will make your life so much better.

This Is Really Good For You

Some advertisements like to tell you that their product is good for your health. Nine times out of ten, they are wrong. McDonald's likes to say that their Happy Meals are well-balanced and good for the kids, but in reality, they are full of calories that can, and probably will, make your child unhealthy and overweight.

Do The Research

Buying things that you see advertised on TV is not bad, but when you think that a product is going to do one thing for you and it ends up doing the opposite, you can get pretty angry. Do a little research over the thing that you want to buy before you buy it so you can be a little more sure that it is what you want before you purchase it.