Alexis Cureton

Conflict In Real Life

My conflict in real life is when i suppose to have so called friends . People who i call my friends sometimes turn their backs on me just because im not cool with somebody i would usually be cool with . To me that's not cool just because im not cool with somebody over their choices you wanna turn on me cause im doing the right thing . Why would i even wanna call somebody like that my friend again ? I've learned lessen dont be to quick to pick up the apple that fell from the tree . We'll have good apples and bad apples it's our choice to chose who we gonna stick with .

Conflict in English :

Conflict is very evident in English class. Conflict a disagreement or argument . We've read Battle of Jericho , Tears of a Tiger , Charles . In Charles the little boy came home everyday talking about and little boy named charles and charles always was doing something bad .

The conflict in battle of jericho was him battling to be in Warriors of Distinction they always had to do something bad just to get in the group . In Tears of a Tiger Andy got drunk and got into an ad car wreak and him and his friends made stupid decisions and did dump things rob got stuck in the car when it caught on fire and he called for help but nobody could help him they heard him and sat there and watched him die .


Conflict In Science

Earthquakes are triggered from plates pushing or sliding together. They triggers Tsunamis they destroy homes . Earthquakes takes you out of your home you lose family's , clothes , jobs, buildings all of it . Earthquakes only conflicts between two plates they also lead a conflict between earth and those who live on it . Tsunamis are often the most deadliest effect of an earthquake. When an earthquake happens the ocean ,energy is released into the ocean . This creates huge waves that rush to shore and flood cities .

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Conflict during the Industrial Revoultion

I see conflict in the Industrial Revolution between mill workers and mill owners. Mill workers has less money than owners. Mill workers children did child labor , and that's not fair to work young kids around dangerous stuff and theirs dont ? Children shouldn't work at an young age. working kids around dangerous machines is child abuse. This is where i seee conflict between owners and workers during Industrial Revolution .
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Conflict in math

In math my conflict is equations. Equations uses integers to solve for variables. Integers are a special group or category of numbers that consist the set of numbers (-4,-3,-2,-1,01,2,3,4,) . All are positive or negative whole numbers, which do not include any fractional or decimal part. The conflict of an equation is that opposite integers must be used to solve for the variable. For an example 2x-5=25 first you simplify then you switch your order you solving it to look for x then that where you integers come in .
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