The Love Goddess

Thesis Statement

According to Joel Skidmore’s story on www.mythweb.com/ , Aphrodite is a remarkable goddess that uses her powers to control the strong gift of love to cast the power of compulsion on others, stemmed from the label given to her for being the goddess of mainly love, beauty, seduction, and fertility.


For example, Aphrodite intervenes with the love lives of the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus’ with her strong powers to bond two souls together.


“Aphrodite involved herself on other occasions in the affairs of mortal heroes…The love goddess made the king's daughter Medea fall in love with Jason” (Skidmore 1).


This shows that the love goddess does control the strongest magic of all, which is love. She uses this strong weapon to gain power to grant favors and the wishes of others to change lives forever. For example, Hera asks Aphrodite to use her compulsion powers to make the king’s daughter (Medea) fall in love with Jason—who asked the king for the Golden Fleece that hung from the grove, but was declined.


Lastly, the goddess of love uses her powers to share with others. She truly has an impact on the gods and godesses’ in Greek Mythology with the love she gave to them.


Aphrodite shows that she is controlling because she uses her powers that were given to her based upon her attractiveness and irresistible beauty to help others get the love that they long and wish for. Although she is aiding others, Aphrodite controls the feelings of immortals/mortals that create emotions that are false.

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The Symbols of Aphrodite