going against the devil

salvador lucas

The catholic church are not doing their jobs right, why in Earth we should pay for our salvation with money when we have it for free through Christ. Our only ticket to heaven is JESUS CHRIST himself not with things that this people's who are in charge of the catholic are selling to get money. another things is that the pope he is not doing his job his abusing his power as a leader. His only focuses is the money and trying to get the catholic church wealthy he doesn't care about saving our soul. His like the devil himself so why follow him and the church rules when they only care about is getting wealthy.
Of all this issues with the catholic church i think the worst one is that they are not focusing on preaching the truth and the gospel of the lord. the only thing they care about is been wealthy thats all they focus on. A church suppose to preach the word of God and save soul from going to hell. A church jobs is not about been wealth thats not the purpose of a church. So this Catholic church they not doing there jobs. So follow me to go against them.