Alfred Stieglitz

Brittany Willis

Alfred Stieglitz Biography

Alfred Stieglitz, a German-American photographer that changed the Artistic community, was born on January 1, 1864, in Hoboken, New Jersey. Alfred started school in 1881 at Technische Hochschule, where he was first introduced to photography. The following years of school, Alfred Stieglitz was a self taught photographer. As Alfred advanced in photography, he started submitting photographs into famous British magazines. In 1890, when Alfred Stieglitz returned to America for his sisters death, he was already famous. He was known to be one of the best photographer's during his time. He also started his own magazine "Camera Work." Another big accomplishment for Alfred was opening his own art gallery "Gallery 291". This let him show his own work and other American-European artwork as well, which brought modern artwork in the United States. Now on Alfred's love life. Alfred Stieglitz met his wife, Georgia O' Keefe, in 1916 at one of his own art galleries. They were the ones who changed the artistic community forever. In 1946 Stieglitz died from a fatal stoke. Even though Alfred Stieglitz had died, his photography work would live on forever.
Masters of Photography - Alfred Stieglitz

Alfred Stieglitz: Impact on Modern Artwork

Stieglitz had many impacts and accomplishments. A few of them were:

-brought America modern artwork

-greatly changed the artistic community in a positive way

-led the pictorialist movement

-Opened Gallery 291

-his photo "Winter on 5th Avenue" one of the most famous photos today