Creepy And Helpful Blood Facts

By: Arianna Van Horn


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What is blood?

Blood is a liquid in your body that helps you get oxygen and helps you get vitamins too. There are different kinds of blood cells and diffrent colors and also veins that combine to make your body healthy and happy and it makes you happy too.

Diffrent types of blood cells

There are red blood cells which are called rbc's for short, and there are white blood cells which are called wbc's for short, and platelets which for short is scabs.

Red blood cells

Red blood cells are one of the three cells that help the blood flow and make the body stay healthy. Rbc's jobs are to give oxygen to the body and brings carbon dioxide out of the body.

White blood cells

White blood cells or wbcs for short. Wbcs clean your body of viruses or sickness in your body. Sometimes it can get rid of cancer it depends on if the cancer is big or small.
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Platelets are scabs. Platelets or scabs for short use blood thats dry to form a hard barrier to keep not so much blood from leaving the body so you won't die or faint. Because one time i had a deep cut and the next day i looked an there was a scab so i would stop bleeding if it wasnt there i would still be bleeding.
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i know cancer has something to do with blood cause when our body have cancer we need blood cells to help get rid of it if one blood cell gets it another will so it spreads so the white blood cells need to help by cleaning the other cells. And to get rid of it for good the red blood cells help too. If the cells fail to survive and help they will be infected without cells your body will start to shut down and die.
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Cells still do move around even if there not in your body because they are like programed like a robot to keep moving because they think they are still in the body because they have no eyes or ears to see or hear that there out of the body so they continue on working until they notice that there not surviving off the body and might die or find a way to live