Gang Violence

Can gang violence be stopped?

The Start of Gang Violence

the start of gang violence is the laws and people. Some of the laws have people wondering why should we follow these laws. And for people, people have these ideas. if we can change some of the laws and some of the people maybe there wont be any gangs are the neighborhood.

How can we stop Gang Violence?

We can stop gang violence by having a big group and tell them that gang violence is bad we can help you be good. The police can also stop gang violence but they would hate the police even more. There are some ways you can stop gang violence but you can not do it alone.

How can we Help people who are in Gang Violence?

If people are in gang violence we can help them by taking them to a person who cares about another persons feelings. or take them to school and bring there family back together.

Help Stop Gang Violence

Help us take gang violence off the street and be gone forever. Let there be no more gang violence, no more killing, sadness, guns, drugs, and abuse in the neighborhood. Help us win the battle between gang violence and heather people.