Early Westwood

Isabelle and Kyle

Back In The 1860's

When we learned about early Westwood we went to The Fisher School and then we went to the cemetery to learn about all the famous people in Westwood. First we sang My Country Tis of Thee and stretched. Second we had reading and read stories that had lessons. Third we did math and most of it was easy. We had snack that we brought in a basket or on a stick. In the middle of the day the class had a spelling bee. The school day was awesome because we had a girls side and a boys side. Next was penmanship, we got to write with a quill and pen. Then finally lunch came. After lunch we had recess, but you couldn’t run because there were hills. Some of the games we played were jump rope, jacks, marbles, hoop and stick and also ring toss on a stool. After all that fun we went to the cemetery. We saw the person who the Sheehan is named after he was a famous police officer. While we were there we also saw the person the Fisher School is named after.We had an awesome time when we saw how life was about early Westwood.