by: Walter Dean Myers


Steve Harmon is sixteen years old, and him and "not so close" acquaintance James king are on trial for robbery and murder charges.Steve encounters a lot of different feelings and experiences during the amount of time he is in jail. Steve keeps a journal of what happens in jail and what goes on in the court room. Along the way Steve resizes that every body that is locked up tries to convince them selfs they are innocent, and Steve starts to think that way also. Steve will do almost anything to hurry and return to his life, freedom and most importantly his family. After all attorneys have read their ending statement the jury leaves to make a decision about the two defendants. When the jury comes back they find the defendant James King guilty. The defendant Steve Harmon was found not guilty.

"Its is about being alone when you are not really alone and about being scared all the time." pg. 4

"THe GUARDS who were standing behind STEVE move away from him. He has been found not guilty." pg. 276