Advertising (French and American)

By Rachel Downey

What is Advertising?

Advertising is promoting a service or product. French advertising is meant to seduce or attract. It usually has a sight such as a show or play. French ads also may have a slogan, humor, or romance. Advertising improves the quality of life by informing people of products and services that could assist your life. It can influence us with a catchy tune or slogan or picture that gets stuck in our head so we can't stop thinking about it and have to buy the product. A seller convinces a customer to buy their product by telling them the benefits and making it sound like they absolutely need the product.

French Daily Routine Products

American Print Ad

The product is Dove soap. The target audience would be everybody because everyone needs to use soap. The goal of this ad is to make people want to try Dove soap. The interesting thing about this ad is that it is very simple and easy to understand.

French Print Ad

This product is L'occitane en Provence soap. The target audience would again be everybody because soap is an item everyone should use. The goal is to get the audience to buy L'occitane en Provence soap. What makes the ad interesting is the colors and design.
Jennifer Lopez L'oréal Sublime Mousse Commercial French)
The product is L'oreal mousse. The target audience would be women. The goal is to get women to want to try L'oreal mousse. What makes this ad interesting is having Jennifer Lopez in it.

Differences Between French and American Advertising

Advertising in America informs and persuades people while French advertising is meant to charm and entice people. The French may use humor in ads that could be shocking to Americans. American ads advertise the products functions more and French ads advertise with more culture. French law forbids advertising in certain types of products.