Weekly Update

October 16, 2015

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Family Life: Oct. 23, 26 & 27

Picture Day: Oct. 26

KidBlogging, Chasing Vermeer, Scoot and the Ocean

This week, the weekly job of Kid Blogger began! We practiced last week with commenting on the original post and replying to classmates' posts. I love reading what the kids post to each other; we are learning internet manners and brushing up on correct mechanics when typing. It won't be perfect, but it will be impressive! I hope your kiddo has logged on and shown you around our KidBlog!

We are really into Chasing Vermeer! Quite a lot of our reading instruction/modeling comes from our read aloud time. We have reviewed many reading strategies and the kids are applying them to their reading. (Maybe you'd want to ask your 5th grader to give you an example of our CAFE discussions or model a strategy for you....;) I am happy to report that reading assessments are complete! Next week, we will investigate some websites that give book levels so the kids will have the opportunity to make sure they are reading books on their independent and/or instructional level and why some books just aren't a good fit.

We wrapped up the Living Systems unit in science with our test this week and a crazy-fun game of Scoot! We are ready for the oceans! This unit will have a design challenge as well, as an "at-home design challenge"!

A small change I told the kids about... we will continue with spelling next week. As a class, we will investigate Greek and Latin roots as well as words that the kids are having trouble with and content vocabulary. I want to keep the conversation about Expanding Vocabulary (a CAFE strategy) going and we have a lot of words to discuss. So please be on the lookout for a new list words on Monday. We will investigate parts of speech next week as well.

Math Rose: Division Rules in here! We will continue with long division next week. Today we kicked prime numbers up a bit and learned how to do the prime factorization of numbers.

Math Jones: Multiplying Decimals was the focus this week!

Everyone should keep practicing those multiples for speedy recall!