High School Happenings

November 2022

Welcome to the High School Newsletter for The Campus (SSAE and PPEC)

The Campus Harvest Feast 2022

You are invited to our annual Harvest Feast to support Care and Share’s annual Harvest of Love campaign. Please join us in celebrating Thanksgiving and supporting our local community by participating in our annual potluck Harvest Feast to support Care and Share Food Bank. We will provide turkey, music, fun, and games. Families are asked to bring a side dish, drinks, or dessert. Please sign up at The Campus Harvest Feast 2022. We also ask that you bring either a non-perishable food item or a monetary donation for Care and Share’s annual Harvest of Love campaign.

5:30-7:00 at THE CAMPUS
6113 Constitution Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80915For questions, contact Stephanie Danford - by email at sdanford@d49.org or call/text at 719-499-5419.


  • Thanksgiving Break is November 21-25.
  • Edgenuity stops assigning work on Friday, December 9
  • ALL work is due Friday, December 16, by 8:00 AM- 1st semester ends
  • Winter Break is December 19-January 3, 2022

Chemistry & Honors Biology

And just like that, October is gone, and November is here. Honors Chemistry students engaged in a deeper understanding of phases of matter through the design of a scientifically based Halloween decoration that explored the states of matter and phases of matter. The results were very spooky, messy, and fun. In the coming weeks, Honors Chemistry students will explore gas laws and apply those to a Heron’s Fountain design challenge. Non-STEM Chemistry students are using their learning of Stoichiometry and molar relationships in a challenging escape room and a pop rocket stoichiometry lab. Honors Biology students are wrapping up their Zoo Exhibit design project by completing their 3-D exhibit models and will begin preparing the Poster Board Informational Exhibits. They will prepare to present to their peers and community Cheyenne Mountain Zoo partners. As a reminder, I have open Zoom "office hours" on Tuesdays 9:30 - 10:30 am and by appointment. Please be sure you are seeking help if you do not understand something or need help with anything.

Engineering & Robotics

We are now in preparation for one of our most significant events of the year - the Campus Nationals CO2 Car Races! Intro to Engineering students is now designing their speedy new models using the principles they have learned in SolidWorks. They will be 3D printing them over the next few weeks before Thanksgiving. When we return from that break, we will have the official Practice Day, Qualifying Day, and of course, the long-awaited race day on December 5. Other engineering students are also invited to participate, and we will have some advanced students helping out with the officiating of the epic event. In Principles of Engineering, teams are now using robotics kits to build fully automated marble sorting devices. That is also their final project for the semester. For the Engineering Design and Development class, their project proposal presentations are happening in front of panels of professionals this month, and they will be beginning the design and build phase of the project. Robotics- The next qualifying event for the Campus Robotics Teams is November 12 at Mesa Ridge High School. They will be debuting the fully rebuilt new robots they have been working on since the last competition. Come by between 9 and 4 and watch them compete in this year's game, VRC Spin-Up!

IMPORTANT Engineering and Robotics DATES

11/12/22- VEX VRC Spin-Up Qualifier - Mesa Ridge High School - 8:00 to 4:00 PM

12/5/22- Wacky Races Race Day - 8:00 to 11:10 AM at The Campus.

  • Practice Day - 11/28
  • Qualifying Day - 11/30

12/10/22- VEX VRC Spin-Up Qualifier - Mesa Ridge High School - 8:00 to 4:00 PM


This month Coding 1 students are working hard at code debugging, program analysis, and code restructuring to create efficient, productive, and fun programs. Students are utilizing if, elif, and else conditionals to build complex programs. Students have started importing libraries and understanding how to debug syntax, logic, and runtime errors. Coding 3 students used python lists to build a wordle type game and will continue using list functions to manipulate data and bulk information. Drones students have been practicing their flight skills and understanding how to build code for flight plans. Students are still learning all the regulations for a drone pilot certification. Next semester we will offer a virtual reality course to immerse students in VR/AR concepts and future industry opportunities.

Peer Tutoring Offered

Peer support coaches are students who enjoy helping other students develop their academic abilities and provide extra support to motivate them through complex assignments. We meet every Friday from 10:40-11:55 am, and the coaches will establish their availability at various times throughout the week. Email Mrs. Shonk, jshonk@d49.org, if you are interested in joining the Peer Support team!



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