All About a Perch

Muhtasim Ahsan - Period 4 - Guzman

Background Information

The scientific name for perch (yellow) is Perca flavescens. Most perch usually live in freshwater. Animals that eat perch include pike, walleye, and muskies. Other smaller live fish are included part of the perch's diet. Perches are usually meant for human eating and also gamefish, meaning that they are caught by fishers in competitions. Traits that perches have adapted include the side eyes, gills, fins to swim, and gills to breath oxygen.

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Digestive System of a Perch

The digestive system of a perch comprises of several organs, including:

  • stomach - serves as a place to break down food
  • intestine - digested food comes through here
  • mouth - perch swallows food
  • liver - assists in the digestion process]

The digestion process begins as the perch swallows some food. Through the esophagus, it travels into the stomach and the intestine. The liver aids in the digestion process by producing bile. Finally, the waste exits the organism through the anus.

Extra Information

  • There are many different species of perch, including Perca fluviatilis, Perch schrenkii, Macquaria bidyanus, and sebastes alutus
  • Perch are usually the kind of fish that are kept in aquariums
  • Fisherman also use minnows, worms, and goldfish as bait to catch perch.