My Health Survey

__________By Emilie Dobler 8F__________


For this survey I had to get 8 different people to anonymously answer 10 questions about their general health. 5 were female, and only 3 were male. I mainly asked people aged around 10-17, but also people aged older.


I asked the 8 people to answer what their occupation is, 3 listed themselves as students, 2 listed themselves as school teachers, 2 listed themselves as shop assistants and 1 listed themselves as an electrician.

6 out of 8 said that they belong to a sport club.

5 out of 8 people said that they do not have any current health issues, the most common health issue was a back injury.

What sports/physical activity do you do?

As a multiple choice question, they had to answer what physical activity they do. The most common answers were Running (3) and swimming (3). Other answers were football (2), soccer (1), netball (1), basketball (1), tennis (2), cricket (2), gym (3), life saving (1), aerobics (1) and pilates (1).

Eating Healthy.

3 out of 8 people said that they eat very healthy, another 3 said sometimes healthy and 2 said healthy. Nobody said unhealthy which is good.


The results of this survey showed that many people are healthy, not many were unhealthy, and a few were very healthy. In this survey, nobody showed to be extremely unhealthy. Everybody exercised at least 3 days a week, and they all did physical activity in some way, eg. work, gym, sports. Most people said they eat healthy, but there were a few that said sometimes healthy. Nobody had serious health issues which was good. The results of my survey showed that people aged 10-45 are mainly healthy.