Rebirth of the Renaissance

Renaissance meaning "rebirth" in french.

Main idea

Renaissance meaning rebirth and by renaissance meaning the rebirth of old ways and teachings. The renaissance was a renewal of interest in classical (Geek & Rome) ideas and ideals and a desire to imitate the classical world Greek and Rome. The picture represents rezurrection or rebirth of something or someone.

The change

One change during the renaissance period was the rise of humanism. People started standing up for their self wants and needs instead of having to forcibly follow along with the church. Rather than the people listening to what the church tell them to do or follow along with, they instead study classic texts from philosophers like Plato and Aristotle for inspiration. Since they wanted to pursue whatever they wanted, they mainly pursued knowledge. Many went on to become famous philosophers which we still learn about today. For example people like Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas more, and William shakespeare.

The picture represents an artist painting a woman giving an example of people doing what they please.

People involved

Artist, Political thinkers, and Writers during the renaissance.

Leonardo Da Vinci - He was the supreme Renaissance painter, scientist, inventor, and polymath. He was interested in everything from science to music to art. Da Vinci was a strong creative force for other people at the start of the renaissance.

Thomas more - English statesman who wrote an ideal political system, Utopia. Considered a social philosopher and Renaissance humanist.

William shakespeare - He was a famous writer during the renaissance who wrote books and plays for others entertainment. Although he is very famous for his work now back then the did not believe he wrote his plays because he was poor.

The picture represent their contributions which are still famous in today's society.

How does this affect modern society?

The Renaissance influence in america brought a new focus on humanism. It has also majorly influenced our way of art and literature due to the great poets and artist of the renaissance. Religion was still one of the greatest influence of all. Before the renaissance, writers tended to focus on issues of a religious nature. New writers wanted to break the tradition of only religion and started writing a more realistic version of life.

The picture shows how art back then is still influencing us today to create similar or better pieces of art.