Year 2 News

20th September 2013

What have we been learning about?

This week KS1 have been swapping teachers every afternoon to kick start our year long celebrations for JSD's 10th birthday! We have made hats and colourful bunting, decorated tiles and played games to name just a few of the exciting activities from this week! We are hoping to display some of our fabulous work around the school for everyone to this space!

In literacy we have continued looking at instruction writing and have written a set of instructions for a day of work on the moon! We are also focussing on using capital letters and full stops accurately in our work.

In maths this week, our focus has been on adding numbers whilst bridging the tens barrier eg 18 + 4, and ways to make this easier by breaking the sum into 18+2+2.

Space Expo Trip

Wednesday, Oct. 9th 2013 at 9:30am

3 Keplerlaan

Noordwijk Zh

Please don't forget to sign the permission slip via the Gateway.

Year Two Topics

Term 1:1 - Alien Adventure

Term 1:2- Sense-ational

Term 2:1 - Winter Tales

Term 2:2- We Are Detectives

Term 3:1 - Our Living World

Term 3:2 - Our Living World