ACLO Anti-Child Labor Organization

Kids working in the u.s.

Lets take a stand against child labor!

In the u.s. children are being taken advantage of and used as cheap labor. This is not okay and we need to put a stop to it. Not only are they just being worked, but they are working in unfit and dangerous situations. What happens if these kids get hurt? They just get fired. Kids need to be educated and live as a child. We as a country need to stand up and stop this at any cost, imagine if it was your kid.

What can we do to stop it?

We can put regulations in place t help benefit the children and the still allow the company to make money. We can do this by not allowing kids under the age of 14. We can also put in place a minimum wage for children who work. We can put in place a workers permit so even if the kid is 14 they will need a workers permit with their and their parents signature. The companies have t make sure they have safe working conditions and procedures.

Some pictures representing the problems

We will not stop until child labor is fixed!


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We stand together