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St. Paul School-Kevin Brever, Principal-February 21, 2014

Inspirational Quote

“Parents do not give up their children to strangers lightly. They wait in uncertain anticipation for an expression of awareness and interest in their children that is as genuine as their own.”

--Dorothy Cohen - U.S. educator, child development specialist. The Learning Child, "Beyond the Home to School and Community," (1972)

Table of Contents

  • St. Paul Parish School Calendar of Events
  • St. Paul Sports Calendar
  • Quick Recall Team defeats St. Andrews Academy!
  • Pennies for Patients - GOAL $4000.00
  • St. Nicholas Academy (SNA) Mixer - 2/22
  • Parish Mission - 2/24-2/26
  • Read the Most from Coast to Coast - 2/28
  • Ed Brown Corn Hole Tournament - 3/1
  • Holy Cross Middle School Mixer -3/8
  • The Raider Report - Weekly News Video
  • News from the Classroom
  • ---Pre-Kindergarten
  • ---Kindergarten
  • ---Technology
  • Stay Connected
  • Sacrament Information
St. Paul Sports Calendar

Who's playing, when...

Quick Recall Team defeats St. Andrews Academy!

Congratulations to the 4/5 Quick Recall team. They defeated St. Andrews Academy 18-15. Great Job!
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Pennies for Patients - GOAL $4000.00

Our school is thrilled to be participating in The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's School & Youth Program, Pennies for Patients. Students last year raised nearly $28 million to fund breakthrough therapies to save the lives of blood cancer patients.

Funds raised enable the discovery and delivery of therapies that improve the quality of life for patients. In fact, of the 67 new cancer drugs approved by the US Food and Drug Administration since 2000.

To make an online donation to help reach our school's fundraising goal please click on this link. It's easy! THANKS!

St. Nicholas Academy Mixer - 2/22

  • Grades 6-8
  • Mt. Carmel's gym
  • February 22
  • 8-11 pm
  • $8.00 at the door

Parish Mission - 2/24-2/26

Saint Paul Church will be hosting Frank Runyeon Parish Mission on February 24, 25, & 26th.

Starting each night at 7pm

6901 Dixie Hwy

Free Will Offering

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Read the Most from Coast to Coast - 2/28

Next Friday, February 28th, we will be celebrating Read the Most from Coast to Coast at St. Paul! Read the Most from Coast to Coast is a fun Accelerated Reader challenge for all students. This nationwide quiz day will allow students to take as many AR quizzes as they can. What a wonderful way to practice valuable reading goals! Last year’s nationwide quiz record was 4,409,622. The goal this year is 5,000,000! Our quiz totals will be included in this total! Encourage your children to Read the Most from Coast to Coast!

Each classroom will be setting a goal for the amount of quizzes that they will try to take that day. Students will also be encouraged to dress up as their favorite book character for the day!

Ed Brown Corn Hole Tournament - 3/1

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Ed was a valued parish member of St. Paul for over 30 years, serving on several boards and councils. His picture hangs in our school hallway in remembrance and to this day I continue to wear the wristband that was given to all school children, teachers and families in the parish when he died.

When Ed passed away several years ago the Men’s club decided to start a tuition assistance fund in his name. Ed had a passion for families that were hit by hard times and always wanted to help them with their tuition when this occurred. Over the past several years this fund has helped many families in need.

Each year the Men’s Club holds a special event in order to help fund this program. This year it was decided to have a Corn Hole Tournament. This event is being chaired by Roger Oliverio.

I hope you would seriously consider being apart of this event. Whether you are a corn hole player or not it will be a fun event to get needed funds to help families in our school and make it the success we are hoping for. Please spread the word and we hope to see you March 1st.

Holy Cross Middle School Mixer -3/8

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The Raider Report - Weekly News Video

St. Paul News 2/17/14

News from the Classroom


Pre-K has been studying how to take care of our teeth. We've made a booklet about taking care of our teeth and cut pictures out of magazines of pretty smiles.

We have starting reviewing letters that we have learned thus far.


Kindergarten students are using money manipulatives to determine numerical patterns, develop number sense, and learn addition facts. Kindergarteners are also being challenged to problem solve in math by determining different ways to make ten cents using various coin combinations.


Pre-S, Pre-K and Kindergarten classes are working on a variety of skills. They are finding letter, number and symbol keys on their computer keyboards. They continue to improve their mouse skills with special games and drawing software.

First and Second Graders continue practicing their keyboarding skills and beginning word processing lessons.

Third - Sixth Graders continue learning computer programming with code, and have begun to create their own projects and games.

Seventh Graders continue learning computer programming, are creating their own projects and beginning to concentrate on their keyboarding skills to meet National Standards.

Eighth Graders will participate in the American Scholastic Challenge 2014 on Monday, February 24th. This is a competition of general knowledge and consists of a 100 question quiz that must be completed in 60 minutes. We wish them well in this endeavor!

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Sacrament Information

Stay caught up on Sacrament Information and link to some very user friendly family resources at the "St. Paul Catholic Community Faith Formation".