Big Brother's World

You are being watched every second

"You wear a mask so long, you forget who you were beneath it" (Gordon).

This quote is said to Evey by Gordon in his kitchen after she escaped from V's home. He says this regarding himself. He starts to explain that the government has changed him so much that he forgot who he really is under the front he puts up due to the fear installed by them. The government forces him to say what they want and do what pleases them. This movie heavily relates to our society today. Our government creates an illusion that makes it seem like we are living in a Utopian society when in reality we aren't and they secretly control everything (I use this term lightly). The government says they give us freedom but they control how we drive, what we watch, what to spend our money on, etc. the list can go on forever, but we are "free" apparently.


A dystopia is a society that is under the regime of a powerful leader, has copious amount of poverty and prevention of human rights. It’s often mistaken as a utopia by the citizens because they are unaware of the other advantages of life. Our current government in the world today has many similarities. The only difference is that there is an illusion covering the corruptness.

We are all technically being watched, just not in an obvious matter. An example of a similarity would be school. We are to comply with the rules that are given to us. We must let the teachers know exactly where we are at all times. We cannot wear what we want. We must do the same activities at the same certain time every single day. Our attendance is mandatory and if you don’t meet the criterion you can receive consequences. In conclusion we have no choice but to attend. Another example would be factory workers in china according to Dvorsky “Workers there are often overworked, underpaid, and suffer from complete alienation; many don't even know what they are producing” (Dvorsky). 485 million people (36% of the population) in china make $2 or lower a day (Dvorsky). They live in high masses of poverty, which is a characteristic of a dystopian society. Every factory worker must wear the uniform given to him or her. They have many restrictions. The government does not pay any attention to the citizens, but they do care about the profits they will make by using the deprived people. The government lurking into people’s personal lives is a big factor in a dystopian society.

The government is always watching you in a dystopian society. They have to make sure everyone complies. According to Zakaria, “Americans were probably most shocked by the revelation that the U.S. government is collecting massive quantities of their digital signatures--billions of phone calls and e-mails and Internet searches. The feds aren't monitoring every last one. But they easily could, and this is the essence of the age of Big Data.” (Zakaria). The government is always watching us. We’re just not being watched in a noticeable way, but the government is still watching us and keeping us in check. What many people don’t realize is that the government can easily look up our last text messages or even text messages from 2 years ago. What many people forget or not realize is that the government always monitors the Internet as well as everything else. Some people aren’t too cautious about what they post. They don’t think about the consequences.

In the book 1984 there are class levels. The High controls most of what’s going on in the society and everyone else such as the middle class and the low classes are irrelevant (Orwell). In the United States today that also applies. The government is run by people that are wealthy. Our economic crisis mainly affects the middle class and the low class. There is a huge gap between the high and the low. Many people don’t realize it but our society is slowly turning into a dystopian society. The government puts up a front that makes it look like we are all okay but in reality we defiantly aren’t.

Arctic Monkeys - Old Yellow Bricks (+ Lyrics) HD


Song- Old Yellow Bricks

By- Arctic Monkeys

Old yellow bricks,
Love's a risk,
Quite the little Escapoligist
Looked so miffed,
When you wished,
For a thousand places better than this,

You are the fugitive,
But you dont know what you're runnin from,
You cant kid us,
And you couldnt trick anyone,
Houdini, love you dont know what you're runnin away from,

Who wants to sleep in the city that never wakes up?
Blinded by nostalgia,
Who wants to sleep in the city that never wakes up?

She wasnt raised by the way,
That the emperor put traps in the cage,
And the days she being dull,
Lead to nights readin beer bottles,

You're such a fugitive,
But you dont know what you're runnin from,
You cant kid us,
And you couldnt trick anyone,
Houdini, love you dont know what you're runnin away from,

Who wants to sleep in the city that never wakes up?
Blinded by nostalgia,
Who wants to sleep in a city that never wakes up?

You're at a loss,
Just because,
It wasnt all that you thought it was,

You are a fugitive but you dont know what you're runnin away from,

She said I want to sleep in the city that never wakes up,
And revel in nostalgia,
I know I said he wants to sleep in the city that never wakes up but,
Dorothy was right though

The main character from this song is trying to escape from the world she lives in, which is Winston’s motive. The only difference is Winston is trying to run away from the Party (Orwell). The song mentions the infamous Houdini who is an escapologist with that reference the song says you have to be very skilled at escaping. That’ll be useful in Oceania when you get captured by the Party. This song has a line that says “You are the fugitive but you don’t know what you’re running away from” (Turner). In this song he means that the girl is indecisive, but wants to leave even though she has it pretty good at home. In Winston’s case he is trying to escape Big Brother (Orwell). He doesn’t even know who/what it is except it is just the government (Orwell). In the song Alex Turner says “Who wants to live in a city that never wakes up? Blinded by nostalgia” (Turner). In the song he means that the girl lives in a boring town and the town doesn’t know any better. In Oceania Winton’s is the only one who realizes that the citizens are trapped and under a big illusion that everything is okay and the party is good, but they are actually destroying the citizens and turning them into robots (Orwell). Another line that has to do with Winston’s society is “She was enraged by the way the emperor put traps in the cage” (Turner). This line can explain how Winston felt when he got set up by Mr. Charrington, who was actually a party member and he got sent to the Ministry Of Love (Orwell).

The Health March

Friday, Dec. 13th 2013 at 10am

Diet Mountain Dew Headquarters

At 10:00 on Friday the 13th everyone will go to the front of the Mountain Dew Headquarters and drink a bottle of water. There will be water bottles provided. This event is intended to protest against Mountain Dew's unhealthy chemically enriched drinks. This protest hopefully will be an eye opener so that Mountain Dew would stop producing all these chemicals.


A fraternity is like a dystopian society. in a dystopian society there is a fairly large gap between the rich and the poor. In a fraternity there are also huge gaps between classes. Often "Pledges" every fall or spring looking into being part of the brotherhood. They are treated horribly. As pledges they are often obligated to comply with the set of rules given to them and if they don't they can get a brutal consequence (hazing). This is the same for a dystopian society. if you don't follow the government's rules then you are horribly punished. Another factor is that they have a certain look for them just like in the book 1984 Winston had to wear overalls along with everyone else he worked with. Frat boys are usually dressed in sperrys, visors, button downs, khaki pants, etc. Frat boys have a reputation of being reckless, not the best people and this is also how the government in a dystopian is thought of. A fraternity is similar to a cult. they are devoted to being the best fraternity and keeping their brotherhood alive. Many of any fraternity brothers show any signs of betrayal they are excommunicated.

School Sonnet

School is a big illusion.

They show that they have control over us.

The teachers make sure to illustrate their high position.

If we don't obey they make a big fuss.

They tell us how to dress.

They decide when we stand.

They only like us when we impress.

We must all go along with their plans that are bland.

They make us always be on time.

We always have a time for everything.

They make us feel not the least bit sublime.

The teacher sits in front of the room like a king.

It feels like a prison

and we are all there for treason.

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