Profiles of FACS Success

By: Dyllan Bill

Jason Cameron

Born: April, 19 1969 (Age 47 years old)

where: Toledo, OH

what: Presenter, Actor, Carpentry, model, Personal trainer

Info about him

Jason Cameron is a native of Toledo, OH, Jason is an outdoors man, and a sports man. He grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with his two older brothers, he learned at a young age the true value of a hard day's labor. Every fall Jason and his brothers would go out into the woods with a chain saw and an axe and cut down trees for wood that would be used to heat up their little house for the long winters in the upper peninsula. Growing up in this environment is what to truly appreciate the beauty and versatility of wood.

what he did before

Jason attended Norther Michigan University, where he received a bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. Jason has also received numerous certifications as a personal trainer, Specializing in strength and conditioning. For the past 16 years he has dedicated himself to a healthy, physically fit lifestyle. Jason's will power and commitment transformed his body into an elite level all- natural body builder. In his early 20's Jason competed in three NPC all natural Body Building competitions and placed in the top 3 in each competition.


Jason has worked in all facets of home construction. In high school, Jason found a passion for architecture and wood shop , in which he excelled. In his last two years of high school, Jason worked as a carpenters assistant. It was during this time that he realized his true passion for finish carpentry. In addition to his personal training business, Jason worked his way through college as a farmer and all the way around construction worker. After college, Jason took a job as a manager in a flooring store. In addition to his managerial duties, Jason was in charge of all home and business estimates and when his installers were too busy to take on a job, Jason would do it himself.