The Hunting Ground

BY: Marco Paramo


There is a problem that is going on at basically every college and it is illegal. The issue is that there are young women and men being sexually assaulted. the big problem with this is that there is hardly anything being done about it. Women and men are being sexual assaulted in college and no one is doing anything about it, and it needs to be addressed and put to a end!!!
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This shows proof that the colleges are not doing anything to stop whats going on


The purpose of "The Hunting Ground" is to inform people what is going on. With this film they want to put a stop to whats happening at these colleges. The problem is that young woman and men are being sexual assaulted. The other problem is that no one is doing anything to help. The victims are coming together to make a stand for them self's. They are showing that you need to stand up for your self. These men and women are surrounding them self's with people that want the same thing, to have a "RAPE FREE"campus.


In the film there where a lot examples that prove that there is nothing being done to help these men and women that are being sexually assaulted. In the film they tell what punishments are given to those that are accused of rape. the punishments that are giving are basically nothing but a slap on the wrist. Some of the punishments are

Expelled prier to graduation- Meaning that they will be able to finish out the school year but will not be able to come back after.

make a poster board on 10 way to talk to a girl.

This shows that these colleges are not taking this problem seriously.


To conclude this I say that this film really did a good job on proofing its purpose. With in the film it showed that there is nothing that the colleges are doing to put a stop to sexual assault. it really showed how the victims are coming together to conquer one goal, to have a RAPE FREE campus and put a end to sexually assault.

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