Delightful Dolphins

By Ava Kelly


You'll be shocked to learn that dolphins have saved many lives. Dolphins are very smart and intelligent animals. Dolphins are definitely a benefit to humans.


You'll be excited to learn that the oldest dolphin that was living was 61! My favorite ocean animal are dolphins and sea turtles. As you have learned dolphins are very fascinating and amazing creatures. Dolphins are definitely a benefit to humans!

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1. Starfish

2. Dolphin

3. Clown fish

4. Blue tang

5. Jellyfish

6. Sea anemone

7. Coral

8. Clam

Go fish

I really enjoyed the Go fish project it was a lot fun because me and my friends all worked together. My theme for my tank was random rainbow. In my tank I included a 2 Neon tetras , 2 cerith snails,a halfmoon betta,a red veiltail betta, 3 Australian Rainbow fish since my theme was rainbow ,a Blonde delta guppy,a Bloodfin tetra,a comet goldfish,and a Blue ring angel fish which was my favorite fish. But it was a whopping $49.59!!! I needed 20 gallons of water to support my fish. In all I spent $229.39. So I stayed in budget.


This is an adorable video of a cat and dolphin kissing!!
Cat Kisses Dolphin - you gotta see this!