Finance & Legalities Newsletter 1.0

AIESEC in Malaysia


This newsletter will serve as the main finance internal comm channels for updates and information. There will be at least 1 every month or bi-weekly. Yeahhh! =D
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What am I currently working on till end of Feb?

  • National iGCP Working Group
  • NPM & AMAN Preparation & Management
  • MyLDS & YSF 2016 Account Closing Management
  • Summer Peak Budget Consolidation & Review (March - June 2015)
  • Entity Financial Reporting (June - Dec 2015)
  • Online Payment System Launching Preparation & SOP
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Guess who is SHEEEE?

She is our dearest LCVP FL from LC Penang who currently going through her life changing experience in Indonesia. She is coming back soon on end of the month!

Check her story out on her FB: JULIA WONG