My Study Guide

By:Nathan Harwell

What Poetic Terms Do I Understand.

Personification: It is when you give living elements to a non-living substance.

Simile: It's a comparison using like or as.

Metafore: It's a comparison not using like or as.

Hyperbole: An exaggeration expanding the truth.

Theme: The main idea also the author's message.

What Is The Difference In The Type Of Literary Non-fiction

  • How Is Literary Non-Fiction Different From Non-Fiction:It is about someone's life .
  • What are the difference in the types of Literary Non-Fiction:They all have a different perps so they can tell you more.
  • Biograph:A person life by someone else.
  • Autobiograph:A person's life by the same person.
  • Memoir:The life of a person.
  • Personal Narrative:
  • Bonus:Diary:A record of the person's life in written in that time.