Duplicate to Diamond

I Found A Builder! What do I do?

Rule...KISS (Keep It Super Simple)

Whatever you do, make it easy to duplicate!

Can a 6th grader do what you're asking them to do?

This Duplication to Diamond system is designed for YOU to help guide you when someone expresses interest in the business.

DO NOT SHARE THIS FLYER WITH YOUR POTENTIAL BUILDERS. This flyer is a tool to help you support them. These steps are intended to be done ONE AT A TIME, in order. Please do not firehouse people by doing everyone at once. Doing it this way helps you see who is willing to act. You take a step and then WAIT for them to take a step. If they do not step, DO NOT MOVE FORWARD.

Step #1 -- Share What's Possible

When someone has expressed interest in the business opportunity (this may follow a presentation of the Business Overview form), the next step is to say something like this:

YOU: "Because you expressed curiosity/interest in doTERRA's earning opportunity, I'd like to send you a video that gives a little more information. After you watch it, I can answer any questions you may have. The video is about 13 minutes. When do you think you can watch it?" Click here for Earning Opportunity Video.

THEM: Tuesday night

YOU: Great! Can I call you at 8pm on Tuesday night to get your thoughts and answer any questions?

THEM: Sure

YOU: Great! I'll call you then!

Then calendar that time & be sure you call them when you said you would call!

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Step #2 Build Guide

After someone has watched the Earning Opportunity video:

1. share the Build Guide with them

2. ask if they have questions...let them know most answers will be in Build Guide

3. invite them to walk through the Build Guide with you to determine their interest level

  • skim over pages 1-3
  • pg 5 - read, "what do you want to create" and ask them where they see themself at this time (then be quite to let them think and decide)
  • pg 6 - have them chose their goal & invite them to write down 5 names in each category on the names list to warm them up. Invite them to set a due date within the next week to finish their names list and let them know you will call them then.

Step #3 -- Setting Expectations

Read ONLY italicized words to your new builder.

1. Validate their Decision to Build
"Congratulations on making the decision to earn through doTERRA! I'm proud of you for taking charge of your life! From now on, things are going to be different for you [& your family]!

2. Set Expectations

Their Success/Failure is Created by Them.

"If you succeed in this business, its going to be YOU who creates that success....not me."

"And if you fail in this business, its going to be YOU who creates that failure..not me. YOU'RE going to be the difference between success and failure. I'm here to guide you every step of the way but I can't do it for you. I'm here to work WITH you, but not FOR you."

Goal of Independence

"My job is to hep you become independent from me as quickly as possible. Do you agree that that's a good goal?"

Ups & Downs

"There will certainly be ups and downs as you build your business. There'll be good times & bad times. I'll KNOW when you're in one of the bad times when you aren't calling me, you aren't showing up for meetings, you aren't on the calls, if I start hearing excuses...that sort of thing. When that happens with you, and it happens with everyone, how do you want me to handle that? Do you want me to leave you alone? Or do you want me to be persistent and remind you why you made this decision in the first place?"

Step #4. JumpStart Your Business - Elite!

Share the JumpStart Your Success - Elite in 6 Weeks video & invite them to watch that evening (or within next 48 hours). Schedule time to chat after they've watched to see if they have any questions.

Sample conversation:

YOU: "I'm going to send you a video that outlines a proven method on how to reach Elite in a short amount of time. Will you be able to watch this video tonight or tomorrow?


YOU: Great! Will you have watched it by 8pm?


YOU: Great! Can I call you at 8pm to answer any questions & further discuss it?"

If they express concerns about time and/or are willing to do only 1-2 classes/month, share "Grow Your Business with 7 hours/week" video: https://www.anymeeting.com/WebConference/RecordingDefault.aspx?c_psrid=E950DF88884830

Step #5 -- How to Launch!

  1. Schedule "launch" appt with new builder (30-60 min)
  2. New builder brings their calendar
  3. Print out Launch Guide and focus on the check boxes on pages 2-3. The remainder the Launch Guide is guidance on how to complete pages 2-3. Launch Guide & Tips

Step #6 How to Teach a Class

doTERRA offers a "Class in a Box" kit that contains everything we need for hosting a class. This 60-minute video teaches us how to teach a class.

You'll want to print the agenda, watch this video, & make notes on the agenda. You'll want to have your Class in the Box before your first class.

Class 1: I'll do all; you watch

Class 2: I'll do beginning & end; you do middle

Class 3: You do beginning & middle; I'll do end

Class 4: You do all; I'll be there for support

#7 -- Set Up, Support & Training

  • Class in the Box - Help add to their LRP
  • Business Cards - Order from doTerra or Vistaprint.

Business Training

  • Team Trainings - Help calendar for Month Business Training 1st Tuesday of EVERY month; Quarterly Training; Convention
  • Daily Reading - Recommend 30 minutes reading daily. Good first book: Making the First Circle Work by Randy Gage (see other recommendations)
  • 15 min Daily Mentor Calls - Help set up Password: DIAMOND
  • 1:1 Coaching Calls - Schedule 15 minute weekly coaching call for 1st month. If they miss one without notice, coaching calls cancelled. Reference expectations.