The dutch made the fist permanent European colony in the Mid Atlantic region.The English did not Settle in the region until 1664.When they sent Warships to New Amsterdam and took over New Netherlander.

Geography and climate

Unlike New England.The Mid Atlantic region had plenty of farmland. The Mid Atlantic's coastal lowlands,grassy meadows, rolling hills were good for farming,raising lives stock.The region also had thick forests with plenty of wildlife .The colonist hunted and trapped animals such as deer and beaver.

Market Towns

Most people in Mid Atlantic region were farmers that Specialized in harvested wheat or other grains, raising livestock ,fishing .Farm families traveled to market towns or villages to sell or trade their surplus crops and livestock for goods and services.A market is a place where goods are bought and sold.

Towns and Cites Towns and Cities

After farmers and traders dropped off crops at market towns,these goods were transported to cities along rivers and harbors.Goods were then loaded onto ships and transported to other colonies or to England.

these are facts about Mid Atlantic

  • Mid Atlantic is also called Mid Atlantic States.
  • The Mid Atlantic has played an important role
  • Quakers through to the period of English rule
  • New York overtook Virginia