About Artemis

Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto. She was born on the island of Ortygia and she also has a twin. Her twin is Apollo. When she was born she helped her mom give birth to Apollo. This made her a great caretaker and protector of children.

Artemis also is sometimes called Diana. Artemis is the goddess of chastity, natural environment, the moon, and the hunt. Since Artemis was the goddess of natural environment and the hunt, she would always have a stag (deer) by her side. She would either be seen hunting or just walking in the woods with animals with her. When a guy threatened her she would either turn into a bear or stag and kill them. Artemis also would almost always be seen carrying bow and arrows. These bows and arrows were made by Hephaestus and Cyclops.

Artemis did not like marriage or love, due to this it made her the goddess of chastity. Anytime a man tried to be with her she would immediately kill them. She promised her father and herself that she would never fall in love. Artemis had a hunting partner named Orien and she started to fall for him, but either her or the god Gaea killed him so she wouldn't fall in love.

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Artemis Symbol

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Artemis the goddess of the hunt, moon, chastity, and natural environment

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