IMMS pre sports

Grow up your in middle school next year!

What you do in pre:sports

You will not start playing football , basketball , or track when your in 6th grade pre sports. You are in pre sports to get you ready before you start sports in the 7th grade.

Getting started

You have to get a lock for your locker and your gym locker. You will change infront of everybody but in time you will get use to it. you have to bring the proper cloths to wear in the gym later in the year if you don't dress out in pre sports you will get a 50 as your daily grade.

Who is the coach for the pre sports classes and PE

our athletic team that someday you might be in.

IMMS is a good school but we all love our football, basketball, and track team. Our team mascot stands for pride. You would probably be in the athletic team when you pass your sixth grade STAAR and get the coach to sign off on your paper. You have to pass the sixth grade classes and the Texas STAAR .