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Staff Development--Summer 2016

Come join us for staff development on ways to incorporate digital resources and great books into your classrooms. We'd love to share some tips, tricks, and tools to assist you and your students. **Be sure to register on eportal!**

Staff Development Opportunities at Aldine Education Center

All sessions will be held at the Aldine Education Center

1702 Aldine Bender Rd., Houston, TX 77032

June 8, 9am-11am--Book Requests, Ebooks, and BookMyne for Classroom Teachers (PK-12)

July 13, 9am-11am--Digital Resources for English Language Learners (K-12)

July 14, 9am-11am--Elementary Digital Resources (PK-4)

July 14, 12pm-2pm--Elementary Digital Resources for Science/Social Studies (PK-4)

July 19, 9am-11pm--Elementary Digital Resources (PK-4)

July 19, 12pm-2pm--Secondary Digital Resources for History/Social Studies Teachers (5-12)

July 21, 9am-11am--Secondary Digital Resources for English Teachers (5-12)

July 21, 12pm-2pm--Secondary Digital Resources for Science Teachers (5-12)

July 26, 9am-11am--Building a Team for Name That Book (Elementary, K-4)

July 26, 12pm-2pm--Building a Team for Name That Book (Secondary, 5-12)

July 27--8am-11am--BrainPop to Support Curriculum (K-4)

July 28, 8am-11am--BrainPop to Support Curriculum (5-12)

**July 28, 8am-11am--Hands on Lessons to Support Curriculum for the Elementary ILS

**July 28, 12pm-3pm--Hands on Lessons to Support Curriculum for the Secondary ILS

**August 2, 8am-11am--Secondary ILS Ed Camp

**August 2, 12pm-3pm--Elementary ILS Ed Camp

**Denotes sessions for Information Literacy Specialists Only**

Cindy Buchanan

Program Director of Library Services