Kids with devices

By: Katelyn, Evan, and Nicole


Kids should have devices at young age 7+. There is some reasons that kids shouldn't have a device but here are some reasons why they should. Just in case of an emergency kids can call parents. Kids can learn responsibility of having a device. Also kids can be entertained with games, books, and music with devices.

Reasons why kids should have devices

Kids should have a device because if there is an emergency the kid can contact a family member relative or family friend.

If a kid has a device and doesn't know how to contact a parent, the family can have a practice/session or family meeting with the kid.

On devices you can work on homework assignments.

Doing homework on a device some parents don't trust their kid to actually to do it so the parents can block the games and other things that can distract the kid.

When kids have devices their parents can restrict things so they can't have inappropriate things on it.

If a kid figures out the password then the parent can know because it emails that the password was put in and then the parent can turn the kindle off or the parent can change the password.

When kids want to hang out they can text their friends and parents.

If the parent doesn't know the other parent then the kids parent can drop the kid off and stay and talk to the other parent or they can text each other.

If parents get stuck in traffic they need to let their kid know,

Your parents can also have a back up plan too. Also if the kid has a babysitter and they have to leave then they can contact a family friend or member.

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With some devices you can text your friends, parents, and relatives. You can also play games, read books, and listen to music. With devices you can't call so the kids don't have random calls. Also you can restrict all different kinds of bad things.