And the winner is...

Dot Dollar rewards

Thank you to everyone that redeemed their Dot Dollars this season! For every 25 dollars you redeemed, you got your name put in the pot. So, your chances were increased the more you redeemed! We have 2 lucky winners of the 50 dollar prize towards the new collection (see video below for the reveal with my daughter, Adeline). The second part of the drawing was for a 1/2 off item in the new collection - Amy Zwolensky, Linda Boskelly and Kristin Lochmann are the lucky winners of this prize. Congratulations to all of you that took advantage of redeeming your Dot Dollars and a special congrats to those of you that get to choose something from the new line either for free or at 1/2 off!

Dot Dollar Winners are...
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The New Collection has ARRIVED!!

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