World Religions

Buddhism, Hinduism, Legalism, Confuscianism, and Daoism


When- Buddhism was founded in the fourth or fifth century b.c.

Where- Northern India, Ceylon, Burma, Nepal, Tibet, Central Asia, China, and Japan are just some of the places that Buddhism affected.

Who- Siddharta Gautama

How- King Ashoka was so troubled by warfare he converted to buddhism and promoted it among his people.

Growth- Buddhism has grown to 200-500 millions today.

Popularity- Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar

Effects on the world today- Buddhism promotes nonviolence and peace, keeping society calm.


When- 2300 - 1500 b.c.

Where- Hinduism originated in the Indus Valley

Who- No specific founder

How- Travelers and Merchants spread hinduism around the world.

Growth- Over 900 Million people follow this religion today.

Popularity- India and Nepal have the highest population of hindus.

Effects on the world today- Hinduism has castes these castes you are born into. Throughout life you remain in this social status. A lot of work can be done if you know your place.

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When- 475 - 221 b.c.e.

Where- China

Who- Shang Yang, Li Si, and Hanfeizi MAinly influenced Legalism.

How- Legalism mostly stayed in China Influenced by the founders.

Growth- Only about 5 Million people follow Legalism today.

Popularity- Still just in China not many people follow it anymore

Effects on the world today- The Chinese still use a mix of Legalism and Confucianism in their everyday decisions today.


When- Was founded in 500 b.c.e.

Where- China is where confucianism was founded.

Who- Confucius

How- Confucianism spread very quickly throughout Asia because Confucius was a popular man.

Growth- Only about 5 Million still follow Confucianism today.

Popularity- Spread to Vietnam and Korea, but mainly China

Effects on the world today- Promotes peace and tranquility keeping calm in society.

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When- 550 b.c.e.

Where- China, Their headquarters is White Cloud Temple in Beijing, China

Who- Lao-Tzu

How- Many Daoist leaders promoted this among their people saying those who follow teh Daoist religion have eternal life

Growth- About 20 Million people follow this religion today

Popularity- Still mainly in China but scattered around Asia

Effects on the world today- Like many of the other religions Daoism too promotes peace