Barack Obama

By: Yeni Herrera

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5 presidential facts

Facts #1:Barack Obama ll was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961.

#2:Barack Obama has e good education in Colombia University B.A,1983 and Harvard university J.D,1991.

#3:Barack Obama was 47 year old, when he became the 44th president of America on January 20, 2009.He was the first African American to be elected president.

#4:January 22,2009 issues executive orders regardings the closing of Guantanamo Bay, torture and creating a review of detention facilities and of individual cases.

#5:President Barack Obama addresses the nation from the Oval office to mark the end of US combat operations in Iraq.

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During his presidency Barack Obama tried to help all the people with programs like Obama Care and plans for school, well I think he is a good president because he want a better development for US.