Note Culturelle

By: Paige Bradford

Note Culturelle 1

In many French speaking countries people do their grocery shopping in small neighborhood stores. Convenience and lower prices are making supermarkets more popular, people still like specialty shops for fresh food of high quality

Note Culturelle 2

Lunch and dinner in France usually consist of several courses such as an appetizer, main course, green salad, cheese, and dessert. A special meal could have up to nine courses. An appetizer could be cold cuts, soup, or vegetables. The main course could be meat or seafood. The French have a wide variety of meats. For dessert fruit is served. Pastries and ice cream are used for special events. The evening meal is usually lighter.

Note Culturelle 3

In France a meal is a way to celebrate friendship or a special occasion. New Year's dinner is spent with friends and Christmas dinners and birthday dinners are spent with family.