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Who is the Doctor?

The Doctor is the quirky, eccentric and witty main protagonist from the popular British Sci-Fi show, Doctor Who. His real name is unknown, reason being if he told anyone, the universe would fall apart, hence calling himself the Doctor, because he believes that problems should be solved by fixing them, not with violence. He is one of the last of his species (Time Lords) ever since the great time war between the Daleks and the Time Lords which left his species to be nearly extinct. He travels through time and space with his "borrowed" TARDIS (Time and relative dimensions in space) which is a time/space traveling device stuck disguised as a simple, British police box. The design of the TARDIS makes it an iconic symbol for the show, it´s size is infinite, unlike the outside of it. He is considered universe's "greatest defender" for having saved many planets and even universes from being destroyed, Earth being one of the planets he has saved multiple times. The reason he does this is he feels that planets don't deserve the same fate of his own planet. Out of all the planets he has visited, he seems to favor Earth, most likely being that his home planet, Galifrey is slightly similar to Earth. By being universe´s ¨greatest defender¨ he still often needs help and support from companions that come along with him out of their own interest to explore the universe. There are many ¨versions¨ of him throughout the whole show because he is a Time Lord and Time Lords are a type of species that can regenerate when they are seriously injured to the point of death. From there, the Time Lord ¨reincarnates¨ to a whole new person of a different face and a different personality. So far, he has been through 13 regeneration stages, even though the limit is 12. The reason for this is his regeneration stages have been ¨renewed¨as a reward for saving a species. His current reincarnation is played by British actor, Peter Capaldi. (Top right photo)

The Doctor and his Companions

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The Doctor and His Companions

Companions are people who join the Doctor through his adventures and help him "defend" the universe. They are considered the Doctor's closest friends and he even goes great lengths to protect them. His companions are usually smart, kind and considerate, and show compassion to others when the Doctor doesn't. Companions are usually human that come from the 20th and 21st century from Earth and they show similar interest to explore the universe with the Doctor. On some occasions, his companions are not human, for example, K-9, a robot dog that he created, and his own granddaughter, Susan Foreman, his very first companion. The Doctor usually has 1 or 2 companions traveling with him, helping him guide his moral compass, prevent him from abusing his powers, and even saving his life during desperate times. Their relationships with the Doctor are usually just platonic friendships, like Donna Noble with the 10th Doctor, Rory Williams with the 11th Doctor, etc. There were a few exceptions where the Doctor's relationship did appear to be romantic, like Rose Tyler with the 10th Doctor. Even though the Doctor's companions are considered to be his closest friends they still come and go for many reasons. Some are killed during his adventures, some leave, some are forced to leave, not by the Doctor but because of the situation, and others are gone with unknown reasons. Very rarely does the Doctor ever see his companions again, and it's quite and unfortunate and depressing when they leave. The Doctor is usually left alone for awhile, even isolating himself from the world at times, before he can start again, defending the universe. The Doctor's current companion is a human girl named Clara Oswald played by British actress, Jenna Coleman. (Top right photo)

Notable Companions

A hero's journey

Why is the Doctor a Hero to Me?

It is rather obvious that the doctor is a stereotypical hero and there is much evidence proving so. He chooses to save rather than to destroy even though he is capable of such power. He goes through so much trouble just to save a planet from destruction that really wouldn't matter to the universe, if it was destroyed. Even when the universe as well as many other dimensions were in danger, the Doctor, with the help of many of his friends, he was able to save many lifeforms from imminent death, and yet, he still doesn't get enough credit that he deserves, but he's humble about it and actually prefers it to be that way and he never asks for anything in return. He doesn't want to be a hero because of fame, wealth or honor, in fact, he doesn't even try to be the hero of the story, he just does what he thinks that should be done in a certain situation. He becomes "the universe's greatest defender" because he believes that most planets don't deserve to be corrupted like what happened to his planet and he does everything he can to do so. Even then, can't do it alone without his companions. Unlike some "heroes" he is humble about what he does and doesn't really care about awards for saving planets, and this, I believe is what makes a true hero. Another reason why he is considered a hero is that almost all of his adventures follow the "Hero's Journey" theory that was made by Joseph Campbell, believing that every hero in every story follow the same story told in a different way. An example of this theory in Doctor Who is in an story arch called "The End of Time."

The End of Time Hero's Journey (Spoilers Obviously!)

Status Quo

The 10th Doctor is called by the Ood, a species of aliens that can see into the future, because they are worried about the future of the universe. They show him the impending future through telepathy and the Doctor ends up seeings a long time enemy, the Master, laughing and causing chaos to the world. The Master is another Time Lord but unlike the Doctor, he only seeks power and destruction. The Doctor is shocked as he sees this because he thought he had already defeated him. The Ood also tell him that his "song will end with 4 knocks" which means he's going to die very soon. Worried, he rushes back to the TARDIS and goes to Earth to find the Master and defeat him again. This is when he receives an invitation to his "journey".


This is when the Doctor gets into his TARDIS and heads to Earth, 21st century. Unlike the original hero's journey order, departure is 2nd.

Trials 1

The Doctor finds the Master and chases after him but he fails to catch him and gets distracted by a group of elders in the way. In his hero's journey, this is one of the trials he faces and unlike the original hero's journey, trials is 3rd.


Wilfred Mott is one of the Doctor's companions and he goes looking for the Doctor, wanting to go help him because he is one of the few people to know that there is a problem. He successfully finds him but unfortunately distracts him from chasing the Master down.

Trials 2

The Doctor and the Master meet again. This time the Doctor tries to reason with the Master but fails again because the Master is insane and has lost his mind because of a repetitive knocking noise inside his head. He runs and escapes by a mysterious helicopter that comes and picks him up. The Doctor, exhausted from the Master attacking him with his powers, the Doctor collapses and is not able to go after him.


The Doctor finds the Master's location and gets his companion, Wilfred to come and help him. By the time he gets to the location, a grand mansion of a billionaire, they meet 2 aliens, the Vinvocci disguised as humans hired to by the billionaire to build a device that can heal whole planets and make people immortal. The Master was found by the billionaire to put final touches to the machine, but instead of just finishing it for him, he makes it where it made everyone on the planet him. When he did that, all humans that existed were replaced by copies of him, making them the "Master Race". The human race became extinct. At that point, the Doctor and Wifred try to stop him from gaining any more power and return the human race so that further destruction and chaos could be avoided. The Doctor and Wilfred fails and get tied up. While this happens, the Doctor makes a 2nd attempt in trying to reason with The Master, saying all this world domination is pointless and that he "understands" him. Unsurprisingly, he fails again but fortunately he and Wilfred were saved by the 2 Vinvocci and took refuge on their ship.


While the Doctor and Wilfred take refuge on the Vinvocci's ship, the Master receives a Whitepoint star from the Time Lords that are "timelocked" during the Time War in an attempt to avoid being destroyed. Those Time Lords are behind the reason for the Master's insanity and the banging noise in his head but the Master doesn't know this. The reason for this was to use him to get out of the "timelock" that they were in, and to strengthen their contact with him, they sent him a Whitepoint star. With that, the Time Lords came to Earth to take over as a replacement for their home planet, Galifrey. At this time, the Doctor takes Wilred's gun that he brough along and jumps through the roof off the Vinvocci's space ship and decides whether to shoot the Master or shoot the leader of the Time Lords who brought them to Earth, in order to cut the link between the Time Lords and Earth.


The Doctor thinks about what he's doing and decides to shoot the Whitepoint star, in order to cut the link. The Time Lords are then drawn back into their Time Lock but while this happens, the leader of the Time Lords tries to kill the Doctor but he fails. Instead he killed the Master because he intervened, as an act of revenge against the Time Lords for forcing him to listen to the endless banging noise that drove him insane for their own needs and purposes. The Time Lords and the Master are gone and Earth is back to normal with humankind. The treasure that is won is the victory over the Time Lords and The Master and the Doctor is satisfied.


The Doctor is victorious and Earth is safe but after the short celebration, he hears 4 knocks. In the beginning he was already told that if heard those knocks, his life would come to an end. He discovers that it's coming from the Gate's isolation chamber, and inside the chamber was Wilfred, trapped. Wilfred returned to help the Doctor but he became stuck in there. The only way to get him back out is for anther person to go inside the other chamber and let the other on out on the other side, but since it has already been damaged so badly, the next person who enters will get serious radiation poisoning. The Doctor reluctantly decides to make a self sacrifice for his friend and collapses in agony under the radiation. From there, his regeneration process starts slowly, and soon he will become a whole new person.


With all of his energy he had left, the Doctor takes Wilfred home and spends the rest of his time before his regeneration, taking somber visits to past companions he had met when he was this version of himself. The very last companion he goes and visits is Rose Tyler, the first companion he had with him as the 10th doctor. He says his goodbyes and collapses into the TARDIS as his regeneration cycle finishes. With a melancholic look on his face, he turns into a new person.

New Life

The Doctor literally lives a new life after he regenerates and is now a whole new man with a different face and a different personality. He has now left the past behind him and starts new.


The world is saved, the universe is still intact, everyone is safe for now and the Doctor continues traveling with a new face and crashed his TARDIS in a little girl's yard.

Status Quo

The Doctor is now back to his usual exploring but as a changed man with a different face, a different personality, everything is back to the way it used to be except for him.


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