V.P. and His Cabinet

By: Chyna Hoppins and Josie Peters

Line of Presidential Succession (Need to Know first 6)

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Responsibilities of the main VP

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Leader over the Senate

Helps decide Presidential Disability

“President in Waiting” (only if the president dies)

Changes Over Time

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Balances a Presidential Ticket

More used in modern politics and diplomacy

"Does as the president tells him" (wasn't always this way)

Compromises with Congress

President's Cabinet

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Vice President

Secretary of Agriculture

White House Chief of Staff

Secretary of Commerce

Secretary of Defense

Secretary of Education

Secretary of Energy

Secretary of Health and Human Services

Secretary of Homeland Security

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Secretary of the Interior

Secretary of Labor

Secretary of State

Secretary of Transportation

Secretary of the Treasury

Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Attorney General

Purpose And Duty Of The Cabinet

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The purpose: To give specific issues to that department of the government to work in a fast and official manner.

What _________ does:

White House Chief of Staff : Chief of all Advisors, Sets Presidents agenda, Enacts all decisions, Personally decides many policies with the President.

Secretaries: advise issues of a personal or department responsibility

National Security Council And Their Purpose

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The people included in the national security :

  • Secretary of State
  • Secretary of Defense
  • Secretary of the Treasury
  • Vice President
  • Head of the CIA
  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • President’s Chief of Staff

The purpose of the national security:

This is what puts Obama on tv to state his national concerns and what he is gonna do to fix it. They also investigate and protect American and our government.

Office Of Management And Budget

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  • Help the president make a federal budget

  • Help supervise with executive branch agencies

The Duties Of The Chief Of Staff, Press Secretary, And White House Staff Members

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  • Chief of Staff: -- Supervises Executive office of the president.

  • Press Secretary: -- Like a spokesperson for the government administration.

  • White House Staff Members: -- Help out the president

Federal Bureaucracy

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500ish departments that do important stuff by law

Examples Of The Agencies Within The Cabinet Departments

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  • Dept. of Agriculture (USDA): Supervises farms and food

  • Dept. of Commerce: Promotes national economy

  • Dept. of Defense: Military

  • Dept. of Education: Makes sure education can be for everyone

  • Dept. of Energy (DOE): Advancement in energy over nation

  • Dept. of Health and Human Services: Run FDA and CDC

  • Dept. of Homeland Security: Formed in '02 by Bush to stop terrorism

  • Dept. of Transportation (DOT): Safe transportation across nation

Examples Of Independent Agencies

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  • CIA: Controls intelligence activities of government departments and agencies

  • EPA: Works with state and local governments on environmental safety

  • Federal Communications Commission: Controls TV and radio

  • Federal Trade Commission: Guards trade

  • Interstate Commerce Commission: Tracks rates of prices

  • The Peace Corps: Trains volunteers to go assist other countries with their agriculture and economies

Examples Of Regulatory Commissions

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These commissions oversee large corps necessary for America
  • FTC

  • Nuclear Regulations Commission

  • Federal Reserve System

  • FCC