iPads in the Classroom

Kelsey Bombard EED 409

Technology is actively moving into classrooms at a very fast pace...

If you entered a classroom ten years ago, what forms of technology would have been there? Most likely a television and then there would be a computer at the teachers desk and if the teacher was fortunate enough, there would be a few extra computers for the students to use and probably a projector. Today, when you enter a classroom, there is an abundance of different forms of technology from computers, laptops, tablets,Elmo's, Smart Boards, and the list could go on. So, if there is going to be such a strong use on technology, shouldn't the teachers choose a device that can deliver a wide variety of resources and learning abilities? The chosen form of technology should be capable of immersing students with a rich learning experience, connect them with the world around them, promote critical thinking, and encourage collaboration among students. An iPad is an easy way to manipulate technology and integrate it into your curriculum. It's portable, has a fast load-up time, and is interactive, which helps make learning interactive and enjoyable. Take a look at the articles and videos posted to learn more about what iPad's can do for teaching and learning in the classroom. The options are unlimited...

Why are schools jumping on the iPad bandwagon?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using an iPad and students of all ages can learn using an iPad. iPad's are convenient, they keep things modern, and they can help enrich student learning. Teachers can create special effects on videos using a green screen app, students can collaborate with other students in classrooms across the world via Skype or FaceTime, and extensive research studies have proven that students of all ages made higher scores on tests whose classrooms where equipped with iPad access.

Schools can use iPad's for students to read with, create presentations, participate in group activities, and express their ideas in many other ways other than just writing essays.

There is a great app called Nearpod that teachers can use in their classrooms. Nearpod is an interactive presentation assessment tool that can be very effective in the classroom. While using the app a teacher can create quizzes, polls, videos, drawing boards and so much more. You can read more about Nearpod here.

Learning and Creating with iPads in Kindergarten

What can you do with an iPad?

I think an easier question to answer would be, "what can you not do with an iPad". Just a simple google or pinterest search can open up the doors to limitless ideas, projects, lesson enhancers, QR code use, and awesome ways to accommodate for students with learning disabilities.

This is a great article about how a teacher can increase classroom productivity by using iPad's. It talks about improving collaboration, control over learning, alternative education options, and ways to differentiate learning for all students.

Teachers can create QR codes and use them throughout their classrooms.There are countless ways that QR codes can help with classroom management and create smooth-running centers. This blog post provides a few great examples of how one teacher used QR codes with various grade levels.

As for digital storytelling, this blog post is from my personal blog. There you can explore three of my favorite apps to use for digital storytelling and why digital storytelling is important (and awesome!) for students to use.

When it comes to students with disabilities, the iPad can be an amazing tool to help those students flourish in the classroom. There are programs and apps that can help promote the students development in motor skills. An iPad is also capable of allowing the teacher to create a specific lesson plan or assessment to meet the needs of a student with disabilities. The student can take an iPad home with them, they are not just limited to what they can accomplish in the classroom, and this can help get the family involved in the student's learning as well. This is a wonderful article that provides some insight on the benefits of students with disabilities using iPad's.

A fun resource I recently discovered is called PowToon. The students could use this platform as a way to create a fun and interactive presentation. The teacher can also use PowToon to create an introduction to a lesson or a form of informal assessment. The video below is an example of a PowToon I created to go along with a lesson I taught.

iPads for Special Needs
Powtoon: Water Cycle

Cost savings and advantages of using iPads...

This blog features many of the positives that an iPad can bring to an elementary school classroom and the benefits it provides for students from saving money and paper resources to why iPad's are so intriguing to students.

Virtual Field Trips

One of my favorite uses of an iPad in the classroom is the ability to take students on virtual field trips. This article gives very good examples of ways to integrate virtual field trips into your classroom.
Google helps students take virtual reality field trips