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Parent Newsletter for Kellam High School - June 2019

Thank YOU!

The journey from adolescents to adulthood does not take summer breaks. That developmental process continues long after the last grades have been entered and the caps and gowns have been put away. You still keep parenting. You keep loving, encouraging acknowledging their accomplishments and cheering as they rise from their falls. In short, you are still there for them in every way. For that, we say THANK YOU!

We know that graduation is not the end; it is an open door to what's next for our Kellam graduates, and we look forward to seeing them continue with the next chapters in their lives here at school or on their next educational facility, a job or the military. We will be watching, but you will be there…doing what you do. For that, we say THANK YOU!

As we move forward into preparing for the 2019-2020 school year and beyond, Kellam is dedicated to also developing the skills and dispositions our students need. We will continue our critical work with the 5 Cs: Creativity, Citizenship, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Communication. We will continue to build the character traits that will help our students in the unpredictable world: Adaptability, Flexibility, Grit, Persistence, Resilience, and Risk Taking. We will remain at the helm with our eyes and hearts open acknowledging the need for Social and Emotional Literacy. Moreover, you will be there too. For that, we say THANK YOU!

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Principal's Message

It is amazing how the weeks have passed so quickly, and graduation is in a couple of weeks. I want to thank all Kellam parents for having such amazing young people who understand the value of an education.. It has truly been a joy each day to come to work with students focused on pursuing their goals. It is also gratifying to work with teachers and staff who do all they can to help their students achieve those goals. In the final weeks of my tenure, I will continue to visit classrooms, encourage underclassmen to keep up the good work, attend special events, watch post season spring sports, celebrate scholarship recipients, and dance at the senior prom. In the days leading to June 14, I will say goodbyes, sign yearbooks, and pack my boxes, but I will always remember that “Once a Knight, Always a Knight.”

Congratulations to Parents of the Class of 2019,

Jobynia G. Caldwell, Interim Principal

A Message from the NEW Principal

Dear Kellam Parents,

My name is Ryan Schubart and I am honored to introduce myself as the new principal of Floyd E. Kellam High School. I am so excited to have this opportunity to serve your children in what I consider to be the flagship school of Virginia Beach. I have spent all 17 years of my experience in education with Virginia Beach City Public Schools. I taught social studies for 8 years, and also developed and taught the Senior Project course in the Legal Studies Academy at First Colonial High School. As a varsity coach, class sponsor, and activities coordinator, I have enjoyed working with students in many different capacities. For the past 9 years, I have served as an Assistant Principal at Princess Anne High School and most recently at Frank W. Cox High School.

I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s from Old Dominion University and am currently finishing up my Doctorate at the University of Kentucky, where I earned a certificate in School Technology Leadership. I am passionate about making learning relevant for students and providing them with the skills they need to be successful in life after high school. I believe a strong partnership with parents and the community is essential to our students’ success.

Like you I am a parent of students attending Virginia Beach City Public Schools. My oldest son, Maxwell, will be entering Middle School next year and my youngest son, Harrison, will be a second-grader. I am certain you will see them running around at several Kellam events. I want the very best education for them and I vow to provide the same for your children. My wife, Tamara, is also a member of the VBCPS family. She has served as a school counselor for 20 years at both the high school and elementary school levels.

I look forward to getting to know you and your children throughout the next several months and into the next school year. Please be on the lookout for information regarding several meet and greet opportunities so that we can learn more about each other. Over the summer, I will be eagerly working with our administrative staff to ensure a smooth transition to the 2019-2020 school year. Please feel free to stop by and say hello.

I look forward to meeting you soon!


Ryan C. Schubart


Floyd E. Kellam High School

Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)

Senior Picnic:

The Senior Picnic will be taking place on June 7th. This is a fun hot dog and hamburger cookout on the blacktop under a tent at Kellam. This is an iconic event as our seniors leave Kellam to pursue future endeavors. There is a sign up genius attached if you choose to monetarily donate or if you choose to donate an item to enhance this wonderful event. Please contact Amber Sloan at should you have any questions.

Senior Picnic Sign Ups

PTSA Executive Board Openings 2019-2020

Are you interested in becoming more involved next year with Kellam PTSA? Please see the open positions as listed below. Please contact Dr. Dana Cho if interested at

Kellam PTSA Open Positions 2019-2020


VP Programs

VP Membership

Corresponding Secretary

Get involved!! Enhance the Castle!!

Gradfest Update-

Gradfest is still looking for volunteers for this awesome event for our seniors. This event is a great way for underclassmen parents to get involved and learn about Gradfest for future volunteering. Please contact Holly Thornton, Gradfest Chairperson if you can spare some time to take part in the fun of this great event!! Feel free to email her at

Thank you for your continued support of Kellam PTSA this year!! Enjoy your summer!!

From the Counselors

Course Request Forms:

Any student who is intending to take a Dual-Enrollment course through TCC must have a completed application, including all testing needs, no later than June 14, 2019. Any student who registered for a Dual Enrollment class but did not complete the application will be placed in their alternate course selection.

Any SENIOR student requesting early release or late arrival for next year who has not turned in your liability waiver form has now been placed in a study block as an alternate selection. Schedules are made based on availability of the course and seat openings; while we will accept late forms, we do not guarantee they will be granted at this point.

Staffing for next year was based on the course selection of students. Students had the second semester of school to make course request changes and summer requests will not be considered. Counselors will return on August 6th and can assists with any changes needed due to summer school pass/fail courses or extreme extenuating circumstances.

Summer school electronic registration and payment online begins on May 28, 2019 at 12:00 noon for face-to-face courses at; registration closes on June 25, 2019 at 8:00 a.m.

Registration and payment of fees for summer school courses are to be completed online. Both registration and payment must be completed before leaving the registration website. If not, the student is not enrolled. Again, students are not officially registered until payment has been received. Parents can pay and register for these classes in-person if needed on Tuesday June 18th from 6:00-8:00pm or Wednesday, June 19th from 8:00am-12:00pm in the Kellam High School Counseling lobby.

Fast Track for SOL opportunities are available this summer. Please see this flyer for more information!

Big picture

Culturally Speaking- SITW, Why it Worked!

What made that Something in the Water Event work? I mean seriously. It was the wrong weekend, the notoriously dreaded college weekend. It was in a city that is known for its bad traffic patterns. The hotels were not even able to hold the projected number of attendees requiring Pharrell Williams to plead for school buses and drivers, Uber drivers and Airbnb for support. It seems that everything was against it…even the weather that succeeded in reducing the three-day concert to two. So what made it work?

This question was posed to the some of the Knights and the answers were definitely enlightening and created a road made for success in life. Look at these answers and their relationship to the success of SITW then consider how these ideas could contribute to success for anyone and any event.

Stay Humble

Pharrell Williams is a humble person. He asked folks for help in a way that they could not say no. He is often seen in pictures deflecting the attention from himself to point at other people as if they were the real superstars. It is that type of humility that encourages an older woman in Virginia Beach with limited resources to rent two rooms in her home for the price ($129.00 per night) it would cost her to fix them up with new sheets and a few towels. In her words, "She did it for Pharrell".

Give Back

Pharrell has been giving back to his city for a while. Whenever he does a concert in the city, he does not miss an opportunity to visit a few of the schools that he attended, to bring love and attention to them, highlighting their bands or gardens. He gives back. He builds up. He encourages. And when it was his turn the city gave back to him.

Remain Flexible

The concert idea started with the music. However, it was a flexible plan. Not all of the artists were named. They were listed simply as “Friends of Pharrell” and with that headline he was able to add anyone who would choose to be his friend. The flexibility allowed folks to make a last minute decision to attend and so many did, so many just wanted to be a part of this great weekend.

Plan, Prep, Implement

The plan for the weekend was made, discussed, and shared. It was refined. Many people had input and the plan became better with every contribution. When it looked impossible, possible solutions were discussed, vetted, and enacted. Then the prep work was done. Finally, the plan was implemented almost with fidelity. If only the weather would have cooperated.

Share the Good News

The news reporters who are always look for the news, searched for the good in the SITW event. That is what they reported. Were there things happening that were not positive on the beach? Absolutely! That is to be expected. However, the reporters chose to focus on the good for the hometown guy coming back to honor his city.


Finally trust was mentioned. Trust in God specifically, but it could be trust in whatever you believe in... God, Allah, Karma, or the inherent good in humankind.

Put it all together and you have a roadmap for success for a festival like SITW and possibly for a successful life.

On Being Future Ready

VBCPS is committed to getting all students college and career ready. To that end, the district identified a set of attributes, referred to as our graduate profile, that it believes are critical for ensuring students are future ready. The graduate profile is intended to inspire, motivate, and guide the work of students, teachers, schools, and the division. Clink on the link above or click here for a printable version.

As a school, Kellam faculty and students engage in meaningful learning experiences inside the classroom, during the Kellam uKnight Advisory Block, on the field, on the stage, and through other extracurricular student activities. This month we would like to highlight a few of these learning experiences that support our students to develop greater strength and achievement in attributes identified in the graduate profile.

Big picture

Senior Signature Project: The Signature Project will help students demonstrate the Compass to 2020 goals and acquire all of the skills most relevant to their future colleges and/or employers. Kellam High School’s 2019-2020 Signature Project will consist of three (3) phases: The proposal, the product, and the presentation in the form of an Exhibition of Learning.

The goal is to explore fully a topic of interest. This may include:

  • Investigating a topic they have always been curious about

  • Choosing something they know a little about

  • Taking their understanding to a new and challenging level

  • Developing a solution to a problem about which they feel passionately.

Students will focus on one of the following strands:

Self- Development Strand:

Students choosing this strand will work to develop a new skill and demonstrate it based on personal interest. They may construct or create something for which they have never before had the skill base or knowledge. For instance, students could design and build a model of a physical product such as a park or building; perform or produce a play they have written or choreographed; develop a technology or mechanically-based idea for actual use; write a computer program for practical application; write, edit and produce a short movie; organize a major public event; or begin a business.

Career- Exploration Strand:

Students who choose this strand may complete an internship in the career field the student intends to pursue after high school. Students will begin by researching a career area of interest.

Students in Vo-Tech or ATC, Marketing,

Personal Employment, Internships, Job Shadowing etc. may be interested in this strand.

Service Oriented Strand:

The goal of this strand is to encourage students to become change agents in the world by identifying global or local/ problems and or needs, and determining actions to either solve or improve the problem. For example, a student may develop a unique program for raising funds for the homeless animals, a community clean-up effort or any other project to address an unmet community need.

Senior Mock Interviews:Twelfth grade students had the opportunity to sit down with local professionals and experience the interview process before they graduate high school. Forty-five community-based professionals conducted a total of 199 interviews in Kellam’s Schola. Each student had a 30 minute time slot to allow time to provide some feedback to the students and for the students to ask questions. In addition to support from various departments within VBCPS, we would like to thank the following businesses and organizations for supporting this important experience.

  • Aviation Management Analytical Consultants (AVMAC)

  • Bishard Development

  • Burn Bootcamp

  • Chicho’s

  • Commonwealth Tax

  • InfoConnections

  • Harvey Lindsay Real Estate

  • Hampton University

  • HR Chamber of Commerce

  • Jersey Mikes

  • Langley FCU

  • Life Net

  • Lifetouch

  • Ocean Sands

  • PGA

  • Port of Virginia

  • Rite Aid

  • United States Navy

  • Starfire Festival

  • Surf and Sand Adventures

  • Tidewater Tech

  • VB Parks and Rec

  • West Neck Educators’ Club

uknight : Kellam’s Advisory Program

Creating and continuously updating an Academic and Career Plan is one of the main goals of our advisory program. Throughout the year, several of our uKnight sessions focused on the connections among early career investigations, academic goal setting, and academic-course registration. Parents and guardians, be sure to ask your children to share their ACP with you and discuss how they used these important resources introduced and used during these uKnight sessions to develop their goals:

Chromebook Collection

Chromebooks (and associated chargers and cases) will be collected from all Grade 9-11 students on Monday June 10. Students needing a Chromebook for exams may keep their device and turn it in after their last exam. Students should fully charge their Chromebook and remove any stickers prior to turning it in. Students who do not turn in their device at this time will be subject to the following charges:

· Lost Chromebook - $208.50

· Lost Charger - $20.00

· Lost Chromebook Case - $23.00

Senior Chromebook Collection will be the week of June 3-7 through the Government classes. Students turning in a damaged Chromebook may be charged a fee for repairs if damage is from misuse or negligence by the student. If charged a fee, the fee must be paid before graduation.

From the SCA


Click here for an additional copy of the 2019 Senior Information Packet. Please contact Katie Cosimano with all graduation questions.

Spring Sports Banquet

The Spring Sports Banquet is scheduled for Tuesday, June 11. Dinner, sponsored by the Booster Club will be served from 6-7pm and the awards portion of the program will begin at 7pm in the Auditorium. Students can purchase tickets during lunch June 3-6. The cost is $2 for athletes and $10 for adults.


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Twitter: @KHS_SCA (Kellam HS SCA 17-18)

Instagram: @kellamsca (Kellam High School SCA)

Facebook: KellamHS (Floyd E Kellam High School)

Yearbook Party

The Yearbook Signing Party will be after school June 4th 2:15-5pm and preceding Senior Awards Night. There will be food, drinks, a raffle, and an opportunity for seniors to gather to sign yearbooks.

Additional yearbooks will be sold on May 31st and June 3rd during lunch for $80; however, yearbooks will NOT be sold during the Signing Party.

Books not picked up at the Signing Party will be distributed June 5-7th during lunch.

Upcoming Events

Stay connected to our calendar and mark yours!

For all Beach District and VHSL sporting events involving YOUR Kellam Knights, click HERE.

For sports results and standings, click HERE.

June 3-6 - Senior Final Exams

  • June 3 (3B, 4B)
  • June 4 (3A, 4A)
  • June 5 (1B, 2B)
  • June 6 (1A, 2A)

June 4 - Senior Awards Program (6 p.m.)

June 7 - Senior Day

June 8 - Senior Prom Westin (7- 11 p.m.)

June 10 - Last full day of school: Chromebook Collection Day

June 11-14 - Underclassmen Final Exams (7:20 - 11:35 am)

  • June 11 (1A, 2A)
  • June 12 (1B, 2B)
  • June 13 (3A, 4A)
  • June 14 (3B, 4B)

June 13-Graduation Practice -mandatory for all seniors (11:00 am)

June 15 - Graduation (1:30 pm)

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