App review by Aaron Zhang


MapMyWalk is a health app by Under Armour that tracks many different types of workouts ranging from walking, running, pushups, etc.

First Impression

When you first go on the app, you have to sign up for an account and you can then add some information about yourself such as your height, but this should not take you longer than 5 minutes. The app itself is very user-friendly; all its features are very easy to understand. With this app instead of dreading, you should instead be excited to get to your next workout.
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Features and Limitations

Although the name of the app is MapMyWalk, the app does more than just track a "walk" around your neighborhood. You are able to track runs on the treadmill, pushups, sit-ups, etc. There are times, however that the app is not necessarily accurate; the app does not always reflect the exact amount of work you did. There are also features like live tracking or coaching that require a subscription with money in order to access. For most people, those features should be unnecessary.

Who Should Use MapMyWalk?

MapMyWalk is a great app for young teens starting to get their bodies moving, adults who want to go for a bike ride, or really anyone who loves to exercise often. With all the awareness on obesity and fitness at schools, middle school students could really benefit by tracking their workouts, then comparing results with national averages. They'll be able to keep up their fitness and not fall victim to the ongoing spreading of obesity.