Celebrate With Churros!

In honor of a job well done en español.

¡A Celebrar Con Churros!

In light of the recent oral assessment the 4th graders took, we are celebrating a job well done! Being able to comprehend questions in a foreign language that are personalized by the teacher, it can be challenging to make sense of it and be able to produce an answer in the language, which every student strived to do! As a reward and a closing out to a wonderful year in Spanish, I'd like to celebrate their continuous progress.

Important Details

If your child is in Ms. Lombardi's class, the celebration will be for Tuesday, May 10th (D day). If your child is in Mrs. Drew's class, your child will celebrate on Monday, May 16th (C day). If your child is in Mrs. Cail's class, he/she will celebrate on Tuesday, May 17th (D day).


Please respond to all in the e-mail sent to parents so that I and others may see who has signed up to bring what. Please ask your child's homeroom teacher about any possible allergy issues.


1. Churros (enough for at least 2 per child)

2. Toppings

3. Paper products (plates and napkins)

4. Plastic utensils

5. Beverages with cups included (beverages are optional)

Crunched For Time? ¡No Es Un Problema!

All the ingredients, including pre-made churros, can be found for reasonable prices at your local Kroger (and other supermarkets such as Publix and Wal Mart).