Why are both needed to spread a epidemic?


A salesman is a man whose job involves selling and promoting commercial products either in a store or visiting locations to get orders.


They are the rod steigers of everyday life. They are people whom all of us can reach in only a few steps because for one reason or another, they manage to occupy many different worlds and subculture and niches.

what are the character traits of connectors and salesmen?

Connectors: We rely on them to give us access to opportunities and world to which we don't belong.

Salesmen:They allow people to see products in a different.

who are the key examples of connectors and salesmen? Describe.

Salesmen: "I'm probably the most optimistic person you could ever imagine." (page 73) (Tom Gau Sales houses) He is charming and like to introduce people to new things.

Connectors: "They see possibility, and while most of us are busily choosing whom we would like to know, and rejecting the people who don't look right or who live out near the airport, or whom we haven't seen in sixty-five years, lois and roger lie them." (Page 53) they look up to them as leaders.

Real life examples

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