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Golden ratio

Golden Ratio Φ

The golden ratio is a mysterious number discovered in many places, such as nature, human body, art, and architectures. In 1900s, an American mathematician named Mark Barr represented the Golden Ratio by using the Greek symbol Φ (Phi), after the name of the Greek sculptor and mathematician Fhidias, who studied Phi and used the Phi in many designs of his sculptures.

The golden ratio`s value is:

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Ratio aurea

Ratio aurea est unus numerus qui apparet in natura, in corpore humano, in statuis, in aedificiis et quoque in hodiernis apparatibus.

Proportio est circa 1.6180339887. Divina proportio Graeca littera phi Φ designatur.

Video transcript

In art and in architecture, there's a ratio that is very eye pleasing and it's called the golden ratio. Now the golden ratio is related to what they call a golden section where you can illustrate this by a line. And there are two sections to this line, the longer section is called A and the shortest section is called B. And of course e total length of this entire section is A B. Now, the golden ratio is related by the ratio A as to be is A B is to A. We have the longer side, longest section as to the shortest section as the entire section divided by the longest section. And this ratio is refer to as Phi and it is, this ratio is approximately equal to 1.6180.

The Golden Ratio and beauty in humans

Φ number is supposed to be a natural beauty-maker and the origin of facial attractiveness.

When applied to faces, the golden ratio is supposedly an indication of beauty.

Group 6: The Golden Ratio and Beauty

Be beautiful, be you

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